The Lost Colony

My wife recently rented this on Netflix. It stars Adrian Paul of the Highlander television series and was produced by the Sci-Fi network. Normally, Sci-Fi films are hit or miss, they’re either pretty good or really bad (hey, Sci-Fi, I’m a director and a huge science fiction fan, let me take a crack at one of your films!). This film falls in the former category as it’s pretty good.

It’s based on a true story (of sorts) about a group of settlers that mysteriously disappeared in the 1500’s. The colonists were trying to settle on an island off the coast of North Carolina; within 3 years they disappeared strangely leaving no trace.

The film presents the story in a dramatized fashion but plays true to the legend. Aside from some sketchy acting here and there, the overall performances are decent and the writing keeps you engaged. The authenticity is presented well as the costumes, props and sets are all well thought out.

Matt Codd the director does a good job overall. The film was actually shot in Bulgaria but they manage to maintain the feel of an early settlement colony like you’d expect.

I just read that Adrian Paul was hit with an arrow during the making of the film. Don’t worry, it had a plastic tip.

You might want to check this one out, good stuff!

reviewed by Sean McKnight