Transformers II: Yo-yo-yo, Hasbro!

Alright, I said it. I love the thunder. Let us now and forever blow something up. Amen. Let us bang things apart with hammer blows, crush buildings with steel fists, and grind the very pyramids under our steel clad feet. Amen. And a movie which has car chases wherein the cars turn into giant robots which duke it out to the mechanized death rules. Best blockbuster over car chases in space (Star Trek) and car chases in the future (Terminator IV) Even the Ghettobots rule. All of it. See all of it three times including the fine print at the end of the credits. Unless you are having a life crisis, then see something else.

Meanwhile, for three hundred million dollars, we could have possibly actually constructed Optimus Prime and sent him to the moon to begin looking for valuable minerals to bring back. (Incidentally, when the other reviewer who writes on this page stated that Optimus Prime was the second best actor in the film, I laughed so hard I fell off of my chair, unlike Megan Fox or Mr. Turturro