Troll Hunter

On a trip to investigate a series of bear-related killings, some students stumble on a mysterious hunter who turns out to be hunting something they didn’t expect. And of course we’re talking about trolls here, it’s in the title after all!

That’s the main premise, the rest plays out in a series of confrontations with different types of trolls that have to be handled in different ways. The mythology here is fun and enjoyable and even interesting as the various rules and methods unfold through the hunter.

Done on a fairly low budget, this film looks great. The troll effects sequences are really well done and look convincingly organic. It’s got a semi-mockumentary vibe at different points but shifts back into cinematic mode at the right times.

The Norwegian cast all turn in strong performances with the main focus shifting eventually to the hunter and the trolls. The directing and writing are well done, it’s well paced and keeps you intrigued about where the whole thing is going and what the next troll will look like and how it will behave. It’s kind of like being on a troll safari, good times.

Check out Troll Hunter! It’s on Netflix!

reviewed by Sean McKnight