Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil

Alan Tudyk (Firefly) and Tyler Labine star in this fun, off-beat horror film. The film centers around 2 hillbillies who just want to enjoy their new fishing cabin when they cross paths with a group of college kids camping in the woods. Misconceptions from both sides lead to some crazy situations that continue to spiral out of control as the situation builds to a head.

This film is so much fun. It takes some stereotypical horror scenarios and turns them on their ear. There are some great moments between the characters on both sides of the story as they try to get a handle on the circumstances surrounding their conflicts. You’ll even find a bit of a love story intertwined in here as well which adds a whole new unexpected dynamic. There aren’t too many films I can classify as original these days but this would be a film I would put in that category. Similar to how Shaun of the Dead put its own stamp on the zombie-genre, this film re-defines the camping in the woods slasher.

The actors are great from the amped up college kids to the misunderstood country boys, all are strong in their roles. Tyler Labine is the big, lovable doofus while Tudyk plays the straight guy trying to be in charge. Katrina Bowden from 30 Rock is the female lead and plays a smarter character than she is more known for. She’s actually endearing and convincing in her role as well as being enjoyable to watch. The cast includes Jesse Moss, Christie Laing, Chelan Simmons and Travis Nelson.

Eli Craig writes and directs. Craig does an excellent job on both fronts in creating this unique and entertaining film. You hardly know you’re watching a horror film sometimes, at least until they hit you with the occasional college kid getting massacred every now and then.

A great way to start off my horror movie reviews for the Halloween season. The ending is really satisfying and there’s a wicked chainsaw / pipe fight! Check out Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil, it’s on Netflix!

reviewed by Sean McKnight