V/H/S is a low budget horror movie about a group of miscreants who are hired to break into a house and steal a rare VHS tape with some terrible, real things on the tape for a third party.

It’s not so much one story as it is a number of short stories with the burglar framework serving as the vehicle to tell the rest of the stories. The stories themselves range from standard horror story snippets to some that include some supernatural elements (even some fun monster tangents).

The budget didn’t go into the shooting as the style is very much home video in terms of overall aesthetics. Where it looks like the money did go is into some of the effects and makeup that was done throughout the film. Bear in mind, this sucker is gory, sometimes to good effect, oftentimes quite gratuitous. You can tell that sometimes the over-the-top nature is done just because they could.

The acting is ok, with the exception of Hannah Fierman, the rest of the cast is pretty generic. Fierman brings some interesting character to the table and does a pretty intense performance for her role, she made me want to see more of her and what happened next at the end of her particular story. The rest were kind of “meh”, just there to serve as lambs for the slaughter.

This might be worth a look-see to form your own opinion, just make sure you’re a fan of horror films.

reviewed by Sean McKnight