Watchmen review

I caught Watchmen opening weekend and have to say that I was not disappointed in any way. Now, I’ll admit that I’ve never read the graphic novel the whole way through, only bits and pieces of it over the years. I’ll be going to buy a copy of it very soon…

From what I have read, the film does a remarkable job of staying on track with a project that was supposedly impossible to make. Why do people say something is impossible to make anyway? In a time when we create digital worlds that never existed (Star Wars, Lord of the Rings), and as a filmmaker myself, the idea of something being impossible to make is a pretty ridiculous notion to me.

In terms of production values, the quality and vast array of visual effects are at the top of the production game. Zack Snyder of 300 fame was at the helm as director; his style translated very well into the visual tapestry he weaves to tell this compelling (but perhaps a bit predictable) story. I know there are some elements that were left out of the final cut that perhaps makeup for the film’s few (if any real) shortcomings. I’ll wait to see the 4 hour version when it gets released on DVD later. And don’t worry, the 2 hours and 45 minutes does seem to fly by.

The film does a great job recreating a mid-late 1980’s landscape with Nixon going into extra terms as president. The only downside I thought was the cheesy makeup job on the actor playing Nixon. Other than that, they do a great job not only creating the 80’s but the Vietnam-era landscape as well as the early days of the heros back in the 40s and 50s.

One thing to note – this is not the Iron Man comic book family fest film you may think it is! There’s good cause for the R-rating with the amount of violence (some of which I was a bit surprised with in terms of it’s extremity) as well as a good deal of nudity (mostly male believe it or not with Dr. Manhattan’s au natural appearance).

If you’re looking for an adult film that’s challenging and engaging to watch and you’re a fan of graphic novels and comic books, you’ll probably enjoy this film as I did!