I Am Your Father

Every great story has a dark side. Star Wars is no exception. In this case however, I’m not referring to the storyline of the movie but to the making of it. When I first started watching I Am Your Father, I had this feeling that the documentary would both break my heart knowing what happened while helping to satiate a fascination I’ve had with Star Wars since it was first released in ’77. The subject of this story is David Prowse, the actor who embodied the legendary Darth Vader in Episodes IV, V, and VI. Prowse’s backstory is laid out

Dr. Strange

I have yet to see a bad movie come out of Marvel Studios. They deliver consistently strong films with Dr. Strange being no exception. The latest installment from Marvel comes from one of their less prominent heroes but a compelling hero nonetheless which is one of the things that makes Dr. Strange very entertaining. This was among the comics I collected when I was a kid but I have to confess that I was surprised yet very excited when I heard they were taking this book to the big screen. The story revolves around Dr. Stephen Strange who has to


If you’re a fan of Christopher Guest films like A Might Wind, Spinal Tap, and Best in Show, you’ll be happy to know of his latest offering through Netflix. That’s one of the great things about streaming outlets like Netflix, Amazon Prime, iTunes, etc., they’ve all provided an outlet for filmmakers that may not be able to get their work into the corporate controlled theater chains reserved for the major studios that own them. Luckily for us, Guest is still making movies and he’s always funny. Mascots is another in the mockumentary style of Guest’s work this time focusing on

Poltergeist (2015)

There are certain things in art that you just leave alone. This list for me would include Led Zeppelin songs, paintings by Salvador Dali, and pretty much any film directed by Stephen Spielberg. Yet, every once in awhile someone’s ego gets all distorted and they think they can take something that’s a masterpiece and somehow make it better by throwing money at it. Unfortunately Sam Raimi and Sam Rockwell are both involved with this one and seemed to suffer that same delusion… I’m not going to bother going over the story as that’s been long established since 1982. Suffice it