Logan is one of those rare films that comes along and re-defines a genre. In the case of Logan it’s moreso a drama and less so a movie about superheroes. This time, mutants just happen to be part of the character landscape but they’re kind of forgotten about or treated matter of factly as the timeline is set in 2029. Without the pressure of having to create spectacle, the story is allowed to breathe and becomes much deeper and richer in emotion and tone than previously seen in the genre. Tied in with the old man Logan version of the

X-Men: Apocalypse

Hollyweird is just cranking out the hero-on-hero violence with the latest superhero fight fest in the form of X-Men: Apocalypse. Incidentally this film ranks third on my list of favorite hero fight movies with Civil War #1, Apocalypse #2, and BvS #4 (I took it down to 4 because it didn’t deserve a number 3). I’m not sure why this film is being bashed so harshly but I’ll give you my side of it. Ok, it’s not the best film in the series to be sure, but it’s also not nearly as bad as the worst in the series. The


Presented by District 9 director Neill Blomkamp, CHAPPiE both entertains and raises a lot of questions about the future of AI (artificial intelligence). Set in the not-to-distant future (2016-ish), CHAPPiE centers around robots that act as our future police force. The robots are set up to be self-sacrificing, fierce and efficient in terms of how they handle policing Capetown, South Africa (also where District 9 was set). One robot in particular is damaged and on his way to the scrap heap when his creator (played by Dev Patel) saves him from destruction so he can experiment with a new AI

Movie 43

This has got to be in the top 10 list of the worst movies ever made. Movie 43 is Peter Farrelly’s attempt at making an homage to movies such as The Kentucky Fried Movie and Amazon Women From the Moon. The film is comprised of a collection of shorts that are suppose to be humorous or outrageous or both. Sadly, it just comes off as really, really poorly written and produced… The plots are ridiculous, it’s shocking for the sake of being shocking (the word tasteless fits in here as well) while ultimately losing its shock appeal through the terrible

The Wolverine

So this is the movie you kind of wish they made in first Wolverine installment. The first movie had some moments and it was great to see the mutant characters from the book but it’s just that the first one was, well, it was cheesy. The Wolverine makes up for the shortcomings of the first film and reinvigorates both the character and the storyline… The writing is well crafted with a much more serious and mature tone to it. The story picks up where the third X-Men film left off (a film which we will no longer speak of) with