Sausage Party

Sausage Party is not your typical Pixar-inspired feel good animation love fest. No, this one is rated R for very good reasons and is NOT for the family. That aside, the film is as brilliant as it is crude, and believe me, it’s plenty of both… The story is set mostly in a grocery store, where at night the products of said store come to life and have their own aspirations and adventures. The goal of these items including food, soap, paper towels, basically anything you can buy, is to get picked up by one of the “gods” (humans) and

The Interview

So the set up here goes like this: James Franco plays Dave Skylark, the host of a celebrity tabloid show called Skylark Tonight. Seth Rogen plays the show’s producer Aaron Rapoport. Upon reaching episode 1,000, Rapoport starts to question his professional integrity based on episodes of his show showcasing Rob Lowe’s baldness or whether or not Eminem is gay. In order to validate himself professionally he decides to move the show in a different direction and takes a swing at serious journalism when the show gets the opportunity to interview Kim Jong-un, supreme leader of North Korea. What starts as

Rise of the Planet of the Apes (a worthy franchise player)

Coming in at an estimated budget of 93 million dollars, (nearly as much the Tea Party congressional delegates should have spent psychotherapy on last year), I should think that 20th Century Fox could construct a story that would keep us in our seats, and they do. From the opening shots at the GeneSys lab, to the ending where history has taken a rather abrupt turn for the worse, I was riveted by this allegorical tale. And let us be clear here, this is an allegory, just as the original movie, Planet of the Apes, was an allegory. It is a