Central Intelligence

I had a really good streak of some pretty amazing films to review lately, I’m afraid the streak has ended as I’ve hit a number of “meh” films, Central Intelligence being one of those experiences. While the comedy has its moments, the awkwardness of the film’s humor and some of the actor’s deliveries got a bit in the way of the funny. The story centers around Calvin Joyner (Kevin Hart) an accountant who, taking stock of his life as his class reunion approaches, realizes he didn’t turn out to be the most-successful-whatever he was supposed to be according to everyone

Get Hard

Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart team up in this comedy about a millionaire, falsely convicted of crimes he didn’t commit, having to prepare for his time in the big house while he tries to clear his name. While topically centered around white collar greed, don’t expect any kind of originality here as the film heavily borrows from films like Trading Places. Ferrell plays the dethroned millionaire James King while Hart plays the guy who cleans his car and helps him train for life in the slammer. Trouble is, Hart’s character has never been to prison… The plot largely serves to