The Boss

The Boss sets up Melissa McCarthy as a leader in the corporate world, constructing her own empire. At her peak, she’s snobby, elitist and super-egotistical. But then, she gets caught for insider trading, ends up in prison, and in true Martha Stewart fashion, she re-emerges from the joint to rebuild her brand. While not overly original, the film falls flat for a number of reasons. Normally, I like Melissa McCarthy but she seemed awkward in the lead role as she doesn’t play the corporate type in this context very convincingly. Another part of the problem is that she’s supposed to

Hit and Run

Hit and Run, written, directed and starring Dax Shephard (he also has an editing credit) is a fun, exciting car-chase romp with a bit of a dark romantic comedy twist to it as well… Starring Kristen Bell (who co-produced) as Shepard’s love interest, the story revolved around the two: she, an aspiring scientist who lands a big job in LA, he, a former getaway driver/bank robber that is in witness protection and isn’t allowed in LA due to his seedy past. Both circumstance collide of course, setting the stage for Bradley Cooper’s ex-partner character to seek revenge on Shephard who