Office Christmas Party

This is one of those movies that you go to just for the fun of seeing a movie like this. Your expectations go down, which can be nice, and you just sit back and let the entertainment wash over you. It’s also the kind of fun film you can go to family with during the holidays… The premise is formulaic as one would expect with competing siblings who inherit a company from their father bump heads as to how the family business should be run. TJ Miller runs a failing branch of the company and wants to set up an

Transformers: Age of Extinction

Boy, for an unrealistically portrayed inventor that lives on a farm for some reason, Mark Wahlberg’s character sure knows how to fight. He can even beat up specially trained CIA assassins. Yep, it must be another Michael Bay flick. I’ve also noticed that each Transformer film he does, the girls that function as the sex objects keep getting younger. This time he decided to showcase a 17 year old girl’s short shorts from low-behind angles whenever possible instead of the 20 somethings he’s preferred in the past. Sorry, while ridiculously gratuitous as usual, this time he’s venturing into the creepy