World War Z

Based on the book by Max Brooks and produced by (as well as starring) Brad PItt, World War Z depicts a current day zombie pandemic that is on track to wipe out most of the world’s population. These suckers move fast, once bitten the victim turns in about 12 seconds and then moves on to the next healthy victim available. The science behind it presents some interesting dynamics that leads Pitt’s character all over the world looking for patient zero and seeing how bad the spread is.

The story and pacing are intense. I’ve read that Max Brooks isn’t crazy about how the film turned out but I haven’t read the book so I’m not sure how it measures up. What I can say is that I enjoyed it; as I mentioned it’s intense as well as fast paced with some moments to breathe as well. I thought the storytelling was nicely done with some human elements interspersed with the full-on zombie assaults.

Brad Pitt is more investigator here and less action hero which is nice to see and feels a bit more organic than if he was mister zombie slayer guy. There’s still plenty of action too which you can actually see versus films that over-use the shakey cam style that kills the visuals in other movies. The scenes in Jerusalem and the air plane are both nail biters and keep you edging toward the end of your seat.

Marc Forster does a great job directing and the effects look great (they should with a $190M budget). The film ends in a place that’s obviously set up as a launch pad for more movies in the series. All in all, a very enjoyable experience.

reviewed by Sean McKnight