Wrath of the Titans

I happen to catch this in a second run 3-D theater and had the place entirely to myself! I love that.

Unfortunately the movie isn’t so good…

I enjoyed the remake of Clash of the Titans, I don’t compare it to the original with Harry Hamlin because it’s a different version and each has their merits. Wrath of the Titans however is just the cash cow follow up and it’s painfully apparent.

The script is OK but seems to be written just for the sake of setting up certain effects scenes. The dialog is forced and cookie cutter driving the story from one pretentious scene to the next. The basic idea here is that the gods have become weakened since people don’t pray to them anymore and the father of the gods and the underworld, Kronos, is now gaining strength and seeks to destroy the earth and everyone in it. Since the gods are weak, it’s up to their demi-god children to save the universe. Perseus (son of Zeus) steps in to free his father (who’s been captured by Hades and Ares) and stop the evil Kronos from wiping out mankind.

The directing is pretty bad here too. Some of the actors just seem confused at times as to what exactly they’re supposed to be feeling/doing. Rosamund Pike’s Queen Andromeda comes up particularly lost throughout the movie; it’s almost like the director couldn’t figure out what he wanted her to do and was just shouting things from the sidelines like: “look scared, no wait, look strong, no wait, now order your troops around, oh hang on, look scared again!”.

Most of the actors are decent but seemingly phoning this one in. Noone seems to be trying too hard and it shows; even Bill Nighy (who I’m a big fan of) is sort of cartoony in this, but not in a good way. I think he’s supposed to be a comic-relief kind of character but comes off really out of place. Liam Neeson (who seems to be in every 3rd movie out these days) and Ralph Fiennes are both average and uninspired. Sam Worthington as Perseus is usually trying too hard or not hard enough. Either way, he’s sort of bland and looks stupid in the costume / gear they designed for him. He doesn’t look like the son of god, he looks more like he was shopping at a greek war gear thrift store, his costume design appears cheap and like it was designed as an after thought.

The effects are the only reason to see this film. I was fortunate enough to catch this in 3D and on the big screen. Many of the visual elements come off in an amazing way and some of the 3D is pretty great. A good number of the shots however (such as the scenes with the cyclops) are super-cheesy and obviously created for a 3D presentation. I went back and forth between being wow-ed by certain aspects and annoyingly distracted by others. The scene with Kronos exploding out of the mountain is pretty damn cool though.

Overall, I wouldn’t waste a dime on this in the theater again or as a rental on Netflix but it would probably be worth a look on a decent HD television on cable if there isn’t much else on.

reviewed by Sean McKnight