This movie rules, way too much fun.

There seems to be 2 ways a zombie movie goes – either the serious scare-the-hell out of you vibe like Night of the Living Dead or 28 Days Later or they go campy and funny like Shaun of the Dead. Zombieland definitely falls in the latter category.

The current day zombie situation is explained (virus, blah, blah, blah) quickly and in a very fun way. The rules are established (that will make sense when you see it). The awkward but entertaining members that make up our crack team of zombie killers contain some interesting and fun characters including Woody Harrelson as Tallahassee who’s the bad ass of the group (he’s great in this). Jesse Eisenberg plays the role of Michael Cera, or is it the other way around? It doesn’t really matter, he does a good job as the awkward late teenager on his way to 20something. Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin play the angry-mistrustful-and trying to survive sisters well.

Together they go in search of Pacific Playland which is supposedly a zombie free zone, complete with rides! Of course this film is about their journey and experiences along the way. We learn all the back stories as their trek progresses and end up feeling connected to the characters in different ways.

There is plenty of gory zombie fun, not really over the top, but fun in a lot of ways. Ruben Fleischer does a great job directing as the story is presented really well incorporating some fun and interesting backstories as well as some well designed cg graphics and a segment with Bill Murray that’s not to be missed!

I highly recommend checking this out for much good zombie fun!

reviewed by Sean McKnight